The complexity of private wealth has increased substantially over the last 20 years. The variety of products and investment styles is just as challenging as are today´s requirements for cost and performance controlling.

But above all there is the issue of getting the organisation of your wealth right – from asset allocation to legal structures and may be your own office.

Independent advice on special topics or enduring service is often needed.

Logos Patrimon offers advice and efficient organisation– permanently or for a period of time. Foreign Investors into Germany may find their local family office on the ground with Logos Patrimon.


Strategic Planning with a special focus on risk management ‚post financial crisis‘ helps create your personal mix of asset protection and growth.

Besides covering all asset classes, it is the active and innovative management within each asset class we believe makes a difference.

The right structures for your wealth (investment company, fund, Family Office) and the right organisation (controlling, staff, family charta) are the basis for a sustainable, risk adjusted return after cost, inflation and taxes.